Real Cowhide Rug or Fake?

There are many alternatives to natural cowhides available on the market today.

While some retailers set the price and advertise their products clearly, others try to confuse the consumer by making it more difficult to discern between what is a real cowhide rug and what is not.

There are some tips that help when differentiating a real cowhide from a fake one.

1 - Synthetic Materials

One of the most striking contrasts between genuine and fake skin comes from its composition. A fake cowhide is usually made of synthetic materials - think of plastics, nylon, oil - and this can be easily felt.

Faux cowhide is more likely to appear soft at first, but it disintegrates and leads to bald spots in a reasonably short period of time. If you can easily pull the hair out of its packaging, you are probably dealing with a blow: the real leather hair is firmly embedded in its base and, with proper care, will last for decade

2 - Genuine Cowhide are One-Of-a-Kind

Another way to avoid non-authentic skin is to compare it with the products on sale around you. No real cowhide rug will look the same as any other. Two cows do not have exactly the same markings or hair distribution. If you can see half a dozen speckled gray skins lined up, one after the other and one just like the other, then there is a high chance that they are mass-produced fakes. In fact, one of the biggest attractions of owning a skin is knowing that you have selected an exclusive and personal decoration for your space - so why settle for less?

3 - A Real Cowhide Rug Will Not Crease

Real cowhide also has a smooth appearance and does not retain creases (from folding, rolling, etc.), while a fake one does not move or store without permanent damage.

4 - The Price 

Obviously, it goes without saying that the quality and authenticity of a cowhide is reflected in its price. A fake rug will usually come at a very low price, while the higher cost of genuine one will reflect its durability, quality and longevity.

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