Rustic Decor Tips

Rustic decor means incorporating nature's designs into your home.

In a universe that has more than 130 million homes in the United States, it is the perfect way to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Top 10 tips to help you master the rustic look of your home:

1 - Choose a style

The first step in designing the rustic home of your dreams is to choose the rustic style you are going to use.

There are many different genres of rustic luxury, from farmhouses in Texas to the majestic mountains of Montana. How to make that choice?

Usually we have some decoration piece that inspires us to choose this style.

In these cases the easiest is to use this inspiration as a starting point.

2 - Use Wood

Another great aspect of a rustic design are beautiful floors, ceilings and wooden decorations.

Wood does not have to be sophisticated or expensive. Instead, look for something that looks more natural. Don't worry about natural wood "defects".

Preserving the natural characteristics of wood will give your home a more genuine and authentic look, perfect for creating a rustic ambient.


3 - Use Warm Colors 

Be sure to use warm colors. Warm colors help the home to feel more lived in and happy.

Humans tend to have different emotions around colors. It’s not just us that are saying that either. It’s science.


4 - Materials

Another way to add a rustic appeal to a room is to use rustic materials in your project.

Some fabrics that tend to work well are leather, fur, wool, linen and cotton.

Rustic furniture made of leather, for example, easily adds country sensations to your room.


5 - Use Antiques

 The antique decorations are a great addition because they tell a story.

For example, the story of a perfect new chandelier is that you bought it from a store, which is not very inviting or exciting.

On the other hand, an old lamp inspires the mind and helps to attract creativity and naturalism to the environment.

A rustic design is one that tells stories of nature or the countryside and antiques do a great job at that.


6 - Use Barnyard Designs

Barnyard represents the rustic style: simple, useful, natural and beautiful.

There is no doubt that you should incorporate some of these styles into your  project.

A great way to incorporate barnyard designs is to use the same lighting style. Y

ou can also be inspired by colors and wood.

Finally, pay attention to the feeling that a farm inspires and do what you can to include those feelings and emotions in your room.


7 - Nature inspired

Use decorations inspired by nature. This can include anything from pebble board games to animal heads and more.

Look especially for decorations that go well with wood and its coloring. This will help your rooms to look balanced and luxurious.


8 - Imperfection

The most important thing to remember is that the imperfection in your design will help make it more perfect.

Rustic is defined as simple and natural.

Natural imperfections will help your design to look more authentic, which is much more important when it comes to a rustic look.


9 - Fireplace

Another wonderful element to add to your project is a fireplace.

These pieces are not only incredibly useful during the cold winter months, but are also great decorative elements.

We are naturally attracted to fireplaces.

In addition to emitting heat and energy, they also symbolize simpler times.

Fireplaces match well with other design elements. For example, the colors of the fire combine with the warm colors of the room.


10 - Use cowhide rugs

A rustic and luxurious room will always have a cowhide rug.

We used to say that hides are masterpieces of nature.

There are many different colors and shapes, which means that you will have many exclusive options to choose and match the decor of your room.

Cowhide rugs are always unique.

No skin looks exactly like the other. This adds an extra element of exclusivity and luxury to your home.