Salt n'Pepper

In today's post we will talk a little about one of the best selling patterns when we talk about cowhide - Salt n 'Pepper.

The salt and pepper pattern is very varied. There are salt n peppers dark brown, light brown, black, ... And despite being one of the best sellers, it is not an ordinary skin. In the Brazilian herd, for example, it is easier to find solid colors, brown and white, black and white and wild grey than a
speckled one - Salt n'pepper.


Being a pattern with so many variations it is even more unique. 

At Skins.Design we have worked with a supply chain for a long time, we have a big assorted stock of sizes, including large, extra large and jumbo, and colors.

These skins are true masterpieces of nature. Each detail and color is unique and is perfect for decorating homes, offices and other environments.

At Skins.Design the cowhide is selected from the best skins, after a careful production process to ensure you have a perfectly tanned hide. 

We work with medium (approx. 30 sqft), Large (approx. 37 sqft), Extra Large (approx. 44 sqft), Jumbo (approx. 49 sqft) sizes. 

Because it is a standard much sought after by consumers, there are many fake rugs of this color. And As we already listed in another post, the original cowhide has many advantages over its fake copies.

Don't forget, any doubt you have, don't hesitate to ask. We are here for you.