There is nothing better than a high-quality, beautiful cowhide rug for your living room, study, office, or bedroom.

Each piece of natural shaped rugs is unique and selected by its rich color, high quality and shinny hair. 

Skins.Design has a wide selection of cowhides so you are sure to find the perfect rug.


Measure before you buy

Before you buy your cowhide rug, measure the area where your rug will go to make sure the cowhide will fit in that space. 

The size of these rugs depends largely on the size of the animal. We provide the average measurements of ours hides next to the description on products page.

Choosing color and pattern

One of the main aspects when choosing the right cow leather rug for your home is selecting the color and pattern that best match your decor. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Spotted – A spotted rug can lend a western touch to just about any room. This is perhaps the most traditional pattern and is available in a variety of colors. Dutch Cow  / Brown n' White / Exotic Tricolor / 
  • Brindle  Brindle rugs come in a variety of colors, all with the stripy, patchy pattern. Both light and dark varieties are popular and will look very sophisticated in a living room or office. Light Exotic / Medium Exotic / Dark Exotic / White Belly Exotic
  • Hereford - The Hereford pattern has a specific color design and can be majority brown or rarely black. These have a very unique look and can work well in western-style. Hereford
  • Salt n' Pepper – Unlike spotted hides, which will have well-defined patches of each color, Salt n' Pepper hides will have an all-over dappling pattern as if they were splashes. These have a very unique look and can work well in both western-style and modern-style homes. Salt n' Pepper Brown / Salt n' Pepper Black
  • Acid Wash – In addition to the natural colors and patterns, you can also find a number of special rugs. Acid washing allows the skin to be colored, providing a more exotic look. Silver or gold acid wash hides can give a room a sophisticated appearance. Gold Devorée / Blue Devorée / Black Devorée / Tricolor Devorée
  • Animal Print – Animal Print are natural cowhides that have been stenciled and dyed to look like other animals, such as zebras, leopards and cheetahs. These printed hides are trendy and they can provide a completely different statement in the room. ZebraEco Zebra / Axis / Leopard / Java Tiger / Giraffe / Apache Black White / Apache Brown White
  • Others - There are also more solid patterns that can be natural or dyed. These rugs are more neutral and can match any type of home.
     Wild Grey / Solid Black / Solid Chocolate / Solid Beige / Solid Tan Camel

Finding a hide that matches the color and style of your room will simply be a matter of browsing our website and finding the hides that work for your space. The wide variety of both natural and artificial colors and patterns means that just about anyone can find cowhide rugs for their homes!